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So Tinge Youthtopia Recap!

Feeling FOMO? Here’s what you missed out during #SoTingeYouthTopia last weekend.

Nabil Luqman

by Nabil Luqman|

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Feeling FOMO? Here’s what you missed out during #SoTingeYouthTopia last weekend.

The weekend, often synonymous with relaxation and unwinding, took an exhilarating turn for those who joined us at the recently concluded #SoTingeYouthTopia event. Held atop the scenic LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC), this unique gathering left dreamers and adventurers with indelible memories from a weekend brimming with creativity and boundless imagination.

#SoTingeYouthTopia stood as a testament to redefining the event landscape in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a collaborative effort between So Tinge, MYC!, LaLaport BBCC, and various other contributors. The celebration unfolded as an unforgettable ode to youth, creativity, and limitless imagination.

Before we delve into the vibrant highlights of the event, a heartfelt thank you extends to Spritzer So Tinge, the main sponsors who made this extraordinary experience possible. Their support played a pivotal role, and for those yet to savour So Tinge, imagine a fruit-flavoured soda crafted by Spritzer, featuring their premium Natural Mineral Water at its core. With profiles as vibrant as the event itself, the flavours include Green Apple, Grape, Lemon, Peach, and Watermelon Lychee.

What makes So Tinge truly exceptional is its commitment to purity. Free from artificial colouring, this drink offers an indulgent yet guilt-free experience with zero added sugar and low calories. Elevating its composition further, So Tinge boasts the natural inclusion of SILICA, imparting a distinctive touch that sets it apart.

So, What Did Everyone Miss?

The event unfolded over the vibrant weekend of November 25th and 26th, showcasing a kaleidoscope of activities that propelled the festival to unprecedented heights. From the exhilarating spectacle of kite flying against the Kuala Lumpur skyline to the captivating realms of Cosplay, K-Dance, Flea Market, and heart-pounding Go Karting – the festivities were nothing short of extraordinary. Picture a Hot Air Balloon gracefully soaring in the heart of KL, complemented by awe-inspiring performances from local artists that left an indelible mark.

As Saturday kicked into high gear, the highlight, aside from the crowd-favourite hot air balloon, was a dazzling array of performances. The stage came alive with the musical talents of Tribocity, Rafwy, Chewbaka, JEKNORTH, IJ, Hullera, and, of course, the beloved Malaysian sensation, Insomniacks!

Despite a few light showers, everyone persevered and illuminated the atmosphere, thoroughly revelling in the captivating performances by the artists.

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Graffiti Artists & University Teams Unleashing Their Creativity

As festival-goers weaved through the lively atmosphere, a burst of creativity unfolded courtesy of local graffiti virtuosos @asmoeroc, @akid_one, @escapeva, and @siek27. Collaborating with the artistic prowess of university teams from the Malaysian Institute of Art and Saito University, the festival grounds metamorphosed into an enchanting canvas, vibrant masterpieces coming to life at every stroke.

Beyond showcasing their artistic finesse, the university teams had more than just applause awaiting them. Engaged in a spirited battle, these talented groups competed fiercely, with only one earning the prestigious title of the ultimate victor.

Student Graffiti Winners:
1st Place: Question Mark from MIA
2nd Place:
Crispy Melon from MIA
Consolation Prize:
Plan A and Team Not Teaming from Saito University

Cosplay & J-Rock Performances!

Commencing Day 2 with a burst of energy, our journey unfolded with an electrifying Cosplay performance featuring 39 exceptionally talented Cosplayers hailing from across the Klang Valley. Capturing the essence of their vibrant dance and singing performances, the event truly came alive, amplified by the infectious energy fueled by the delightful So Tinge drinks.

Our joy continued with live J-band performances, featuring the incredible vocal talents of local cosplayer @_hsachiko_and the dynamic vibes of Purple Taugeh, a sensational student band that rocked the rooftop of LaLaport BBCC.

As the sun gracefully set over the Kuala Lumpur city skyline, the atmosphere intensified, ushering in the exhilarating Random K-Pop Dance Performances. The audience erupted in cheers, enthusiastically supporting the mesmerizing dance routines that showcased the best of Malaysian youth talent, seamlessly navigating the classic and modern K-Pop dance categories.

As each category drew to a close, only the top 5 performers emerged, earning their coveted spots. The competition then escalated into a riveting sudden death round, where these finalists showcased their extraordinary dance skills. It was in this thrilling climax that the true champion of the K-Dance off was ultimately crowned.

Here are your winners:

Classic K-Dance:

Modern K-Dance:

For those fortunate enough to have been part of the So Tinge YouthTopia revolution, the memories forged during that unforgettable weekend will linger warmly in their hearts. The enchantment woven through those two days stands as a testament to the boundless power of imagination and the significance of embracing the vibrant spirit of youth.

A heartfelt appreciation extends to So Tinge and our esteemed venue partner, LaLaport BBCC, for masterfully orchestrating a dream-infused event. The echoes of So Tinge YouthTopia will persist, serving as a poignant reminder that youth is not a fleeting phase; it's a perpetual state of mind.

As we bid adieu to this spectacular chapter, stay tuned, as we eagerly anticipate bringing you more enchanting events in the future. The adventure is far from over!

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